We are committed to providing a wide range of books in our church library to help you grow in your walk as a disciple of Christ.  The library is organized by topic for your convenience and there is no charge for checking out materials.

Our inventory can be viewed online by visiting www.bbclibrary.libib.com - you can search individual categories, as well as by book title or author, to see whether the book you are seeking is available in the BBC library.

Recommended Reading

Below are some book suggestions for you to read to you grow in your walk with the Lord. 

This will be a growing list, so keep checking back. 

Many of these books are in our church library - be sure to check there first!

Apologetics & Culture

 - The Case For Christ (Strobel)
 - Jesus Among Other Gods (Zacharias)


- Systematic Theology (Grudem) 
- Visual Theology (Challies)
- Sound Doctrine - How a Church Grows in the Love and Holiness of God (Jamieson)


- Knowing God (Packer)

The Gospel

- What is the Gospel (Gilbert)

Hermeneutics (How to Read the Bible)

- Living By The Book (Hendricks)
- Exegetical Fallacies (Carson)

Ecclesiology (The Church)

- Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (Dever)
- The Trellis & the Vine (Marshall,Payne)
- What Is A Healthy Church Member (Anyabwile)

Church Leadership

- Biblical Eldership (Strauch)
- Finding Faithful Elders & Deacons (Anyabwile)

Evangelism, Missions & Discipleship

- The Gospel and Personal Evangelism (Dever)
The Trellis and The Vine (Marshall, Payne)
- 4 Chair Discipleship (Spader)

Christian Living & Spirituality

 - The Holiness of God (Sproul)
- Humility (Mahaney)
- Respectable Sins (Bridges)
- Slave - the Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ (MacArthur)

Books for Men to Read

 - Disciplines Of A Godly Man (Hughes)