Here at Bethany Kid's Club we want every child to feel safe, like they belong, find friends, and fun! We believe that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, and we want every child to feel confident, secure, and loved. 

All of our leaders are trained through our Abuse Prevention Procedures, have passed a recent criminal record check, and have a desire to care for children. 

We will be meeting every other Tuesday evening until May 7. See our full schedule below. 

Bethany Kid's Club is for the ages of kindergarten to grade 5. As well, our children are divided up into groups with children of similar age (5-7, 8-10) so that no child will feel left out or dominated by older children. 

For any other questions please contact Pastor Jerid Klassen:
403-392-4512 (call or text)

Download the 2022-23 Bethany Kid's General Consent Form. Note:  If you are NEW please fill out the Planning Center Permission form.