Welcome to Bethany Baptist Church website.  We are grateful that you have taken time to look.  We are serious about getting to know Jesus through God’s Word, through prayer and through community.  The New Testament Church is designed to do life together.  Everyone is on a faith journey and no matter where you are on yours, we hope you find a church home to be anchored in.  

Our purpose is to bring glory to God by making disciples who reflect the character and priorities of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to come and join us Sunday as we come together and worship. It doesn’t matter your age or what you wear. 

Below are different ways for you to get connected as soon as possible:

Newcomers Lunch - If you are new to Bethany Baptist Church be sure to click here to learn more.

Hospitality - Hospitality in the New Testament seems to be less of a specific activity (e.g. "invite someone to your house for dinner") and more of a mindset of folding strangers into your life.  Taking the initiative and being prayerfully intentional about folding strangers into our lives is becoming a growing value at Bethany Baptist Church.  There are a few different ways that one could do this right away, such as:

Staying around after the service.  Though a little hard at first we encourage you to turn around to a neighbor you are sitting next to and introduce yourself.  Take the time to stay around and talk and speak to others whom you don't know.  By making these initial connections it opens the door to deeper community with others within the church.

Sharing a meal together.  As you get to know people by intentionally sticking aound after the service for a few weeks, why not invite people to either go out for lunch out to a restaraunt or into your home?  We want hospitality to be a normal expression of our community at Bethany Baptist Church.  We hope and encourage our members to reach out to newcomers and vice-versa.