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March 12, 2020

Dear Bethany Family,

I just wanted to give you a bit of an update as to where your church leadership is with this new reality we are facing with the threat of the Corona Virus (COVID-19).  First of all, I must say that we are not to be living in fear. Even though this is an uncertain time we serve a Sovereign Lord who is always in control. We are called to live with confidence in our God and stand in the face of fear with faith in our God.

I find it interesting that with this one circumstance of the Corona Virus, every idol is being knocked down like dominoes.  Our idols of personal security, control, independence, economics, politics, sports and entertainment, and others are falling one after another.  It is just exposing our fragility as a society as I have never seen it before. While the world is gripped by uncertainty and fear may we as Christians stand in faith and look to these times as being missionally minded sharing the certainty and confidence of our saviour Jesus Christ.

In saying all of this we do want to be mindful of the potentially devastating outcomes of any kind of infectious disease to the public.  To be cavalier about this situation would be unwise. So please take the necessary precautions before going to any public meeting place. I am going to spare you the “wash your hands” and “elbow bump” speech, however, we don’t want to neglect our personal responsibility to each other when we gather so please be mindful.

BBC Leadership will be keeping a close eye on the Alberta Health Services website for information and guidance.  We will also watch the Red Deer Public School Division website to see what actions they take as this situation develops.  We don’t want to overreact or under-react to our situation, but rather make informed decisions as best as we can.

Knowing that circumstances can change rapidly we will do our best to keep our church family informed.  Please check back to this Facebook Page or to our website to be informed, or call the church office during office hours. As of today, we will continue to function with our regular ministry programs and activities.  May the Lord give the BBC leadership wisdom as we try to navigate these unprecedented times.


Pastor Peter