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Our  speaker,  Steve  Kim  with  Apologetics Canada,  will  be  hosting  four  sessions  designed  to explain  what  Scripture  says  about  the  meaning  of life,  the  existence  of  God,  other  religions,  and evil.  We're  excited  to  see  how  Scripture  speaks  to our  pluralistic  and  relativistic  culture  so  that  we can  be  better  equipped  to  engage  people  outside of our church walls.

Schedule for Saturday April 27

10:00 AM - Session #1:  What is the meaning of life?

12:00 PM - lunch (Please preregister and prepay at the church office.  COST $5 per person)

1:00 PM - Session #2:  Does God exist?

3:00 PM - Session #3:  Do all religions lead to God?

5:00 PM - Supper (Not provided)

7:00 PM - Session #4:  Why is there evil?