Below are some book suggestions for you to read to you grow in your walk with the Lord. 

This will be a growing list, so keep checking back. 

Many of these books are in our church library - be sure to check there first!


Apologetics & Culture

 - The Case For Christ (Strobel)

 - Jesus Among Other Gods (Zacharias)



 - Systematic Theology (Grudem) 

 - Visual Theology (Challies)

 - Sound Doctrine - How a Church Grows in the Love and Holiness of God (Jamieson)



 - Knowing God (Packer)


The Gospel

 - What is the Gospel (Gilbert)


Hermeneutics (How to Read the Bible)

 - Living By The Book (Hendricks)

 - Exegetical Fallacies (Carson)


Ecclesiology (The Church)

 - Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (Dever)

 - The Trellis & the Vine (Marshall,Payne)

 - What Is A Healthy Church Member (Anyabwile)


Church Leadership

 - Biblical Eldership (Strauch)

 - Finding Faithful Elders & Deacons (Anyabwile)


Evangelism, Missions & Discipleship

 - The Gospel and Personal Evangelism (Dever)

 - The Trellis and The Vine (Marshall, Payne)

 - 4 Chair Discipleship (Spader)


Christian Living & Spirituality

 - The Holiness of God (Sproul)

 - Humility (Mahaney)

 - Respectable Sins (Bridges)

 - Slave - the Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ (MacArthur)


Books for Men to Read

  - Disciplines Of A Godly Man (Hughes)