Small Groups grow out of a commitment to serve people in the way Jesus Christ intended.  We meet together to validate the unique blessing each person brings to the world and explore our spiritual journey with God.  Connecting from the heart these days is an illusive challenge.  Maybe you have felt something missing deep in your soul.  We believe only God can bring true wholeness.  Bethany Communities may be just what you've been looking for.

Small Group Values


Spiritual Formation
What we do is Bible based and saturated in prayer.  We annually assess our own development in Christ.  We share our areas of struggles with one another and set personal goals for our growth in Christ.  We share our progress and encourage one another in our pursuit of Christ.

We expect God to add new believers to His kingdom through each one of us.  Each group will commit to pray for at least 3 households who need to embrace the Gospel.  We continue to pray for their personal requests and hold one another accountable to prayerfully reach out to these families.  Our desire is to see at least one household come to Christ each year.

We trust God to multiply other Small Groups from our group regularly.  We welcome new people and work towards training a leader who will launch a new group.

A hallmark of all Christian groups is serving.  We support and celebrate what God is doing in the greater body of Christ through involvement in ministries and service opportunities such as youth, children, worship, ushers and greeters.

International Missions
Christ-centered transformation should not only be private or local but also an international reality.  From a desire to share Christ with the world we support at least one international missions project through increased awareness, commitment to prayer, financial contributions and some hands-on involvement.

We care for one another and others by helping those in difficult or crisis situations such as hospital or home visits, meal preparation, prayer, referral to church or community resources.

Extending Compassion
In response to social needs in our community we commit to participating as families in on-site compassion projects.

Contact the church office for more information re: Small Groups that are meeting.