BBC CaretakerAnnual

Contract Position (Starting March 1, 2022)


To maintain a high standard of cleanliness and maintenance on a regular and consistent basis in all aspects of the church’s physical plant and grounds, to the glory of God.


  • Responsible to the Building and Grounds Chairperson and all work related questions must be directed to this person.
  • Exhibit behaviour consistent with Christian values.
  • Develop a time schedule in consultation with the Building and Grounds Chairperson.
  • Submit a report of any building maintenance requirements to the Building and Grounds Chairperson.
  • Arrange for continued cleaning and maintaining of other responsibilities while away on holidays.


  • Vacuum all carpets weekly or more often if needed.
  • Dust furniture weekly.
  • Clean spots with stain remover as soon as possible.
  • Dust and clean walls, ledges, windows.
  • Prepare and clean up baptismal tank as required by the Ordinance Committee.
  • Wash all stair railings regularly.
  • Clean the fireplace as necessary.
  • Keep closets and coat racks clean and tidy.
  • Request and arrange steam cleaning of carpets as needed, with approval from the Building and Grounds Chairperson.
  • Empty garbage as required and deposit for City pick-up.

Arrange Furniture

  • Set up and take down necessary equipment for scheduled and regular Church events. Any occasional extras would be by special request from the Church office.
  • Committees will set up and take down their own chairs and tables.


  • Wash the floor as necessary.


  • Clean washrooms thoroughly at least twice weekly including washing floor, counters and sinks.
  • Ensure paper and soap supplies are available.

General Maintenance & Repairs

  • Taking care of all minor repairs and maintenance such as replacing light bulbs inside and outside, keeping chairs, tables and other furniture in good repair, etc.
  • Inspecting doors regularly and oiling hinges and latches as required.
  • Oversee minor plumbing maintenance and report major repair requirements to the Building and Grounds Chairperson.


Lawn Care

  • Lawn is to be mowed and watered as required.Flower and shrub beds are to be maintained.
  • Fertilizer and herbicide to be applied as required.


  • Ensure all sidewalks, exterior steps and stairs are cleaned prior to each scheduled Church event.
  • All City sidewalks are to be cleaned on a consistent basis as required by City bylaw.
  • When necessary arrange for clearing of snow and sanding on the parking lot by a commercial operator as approved annually by the Building and Grounds Chairperson.
  • If necessary arrange for the commercial operator to remove snow from the parking lot in consultation with the Building and Grounds Chairperson.

If you are interested, would like more details or if you have questions please contact the church office:

  • Attention: Ted Flinn at
  • 403-347-7900